Profile: Lynelle Leess


With a degree in Business and Art from Skidmore College, and more than 20 years of experience in design, Lynelle brings knowledge, skill and a refined innate sense of style to every project.

She knows the “rules” of design.  So she can intelligently refine them, bend or break them.  She knows the history of style.  So she’s never a slave to any period or style.  And color…she learned as a painter, mixing hues and intensity to match the palette of her imagination.

Lynelle makes color take on an experiential, poetic quality…Grey becomes a misty morning at the beach…Green-a new Spring leaf, backlit with sunshine.  Whether colors speak loudly or whisper quietly, Lynelle understands the language of color.  She has a keen eye for the nuances that can change the total look and mood of a room.  No color goes from tube to canvas, and no color ever goes from can to wall.

This artistic background also gives Lynelle a unique feel for the harmonious relationships between scale & light & flow in a space.  And that artist’s eye is applied to each and every project, large and small.

Her past and current projects span all aspects of décor and interior design from new home construction and renovations, to re-working layouts for downsizing clients, to furnishing a complete home for relocation clients.

Having gone through many of these experiences herself, she understands the process from her client’s perspective.

She knows that Artistry without Organization is only half of what good interior design is all about.  Deft over-seeing of every detail is necessary to see every vision realized.

Because of Lynelle’s insistence on meticulous workmanship, she’s gathered a team of professionals whose high standards match her own.  You can be assured that from contractor to custom cabinetmaker, from painter to upholsterer, the fine details of quality will always be adhered to.

In the end, after vast and varied experience and years of study, Lynelle tracks her most valuable knowledge back to a few words from the “original” decorator William Morris, who said “Have nothing your house which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.”

Simply said: Her goal is to create a space that will bring you joy.